Crumpler The Gimp 15"W

RM89.00 RM160.00

The Gimp neoprene laptop wrap. People just look at it and already they´ve bought one in their heads. You could be having the crappiest laptop wrap in the world and you´d still buy this just because it looks so great. If you didn´t even have a laptop you´d probably go out and buy one, just so you could wrap The Gimp around it.

Features :
- Sexy shiny finish
- Super soft & super stretchy neoprene
- Strong zip for strong closing
- Special zip protection to keep the laptop from scratching
- Flexible sizing to fit various laptops
- Elastic loops for in-pouch working

- This size fits: 15"W laptops (up to 15.4") and 15" MacBook Pro
- Size inside: 36.4 x 24.9 x 2.4 cm
- Volume (litre): 1.18
- Weight (grams): 330
- Colour options: Black & Red
- Price: RRP: RM160.00. Our price: RM89.00 only!

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