Crumpler The Culchie

RM29.00 RM89.00

Adding a disco ball might give off the wrong vibe. You plunked down your hard earned clams for one and signed in blood for unlimited data. Now you need to dazzle it up and throw some sparkle on your life-changing functional wizardry gadget. These snug fit pouches provide extra padding and exclusive protection for your iPhone or iPod-Touch with a little dash of functional fashion.

- 1000d Chicken Tex Supreme™ hyper performance fabric
- Soft Protective Lining (Nylex)

- Only one size available.
- This size fits: Apple iPhone 3, 4, & 4S (or any devices of similar size)
- Size inside: 6.3 x 11.8 x 0.8cm
- Weight (grams): 30.0
- Colour options: Espresso/bronze, Deep black/cool dk. grey and Bronze/pumpkin orange only.
- Price: RSP:RM89.00. Our price: RM29.00 only! Hurry while stocks lasts!

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