Coleman Travel 3 Way Boston Duffel

RM199.00 RM398.00

Coleman Travel 3 Way Boston Duffel is a bag suitable for any city travels, sports day, light outdoor activities, school and student's gear bag, or just a bag you stash practically anything you fancy. Hand held like a typical duffel or just strap it on like a backpack. It is really up to you. Grab your bag, pack it up and head on out for a day of fun!

- Large capacity main compartment
- 2 x internal zipped pockets
- Side external zipped pockets
- Adjustable padded shoulder back straps
- Velcro grip handle
- Reflectives
- Durable light weight material

- Material: Polyester
- Measurement: 63 × 34 × 35cm
- Height Handle: 25cm
- Length of Backstrap: 45 - 114cm
- Estimated Weight: 1.15kg
- Size: Large
- Capacity: 80L
- Imported
- Recommended use: Travel Lightweight Duffel, Outdoor, Casual, Sport & many more
- Colour Options: Black, Herringbone & Navy Border only.
- Price: RSP:RM398.00. Our price: RM199.00 only!