Q. Are all of your bags authentic?
A. All of our bags are 100% authentic name brands as advertised. Most of our bags are cross referenced with the official web links as proof that the items do exist as per the manufacturers that produced it.

Q. Where is your shop? I would like to see your bags physically.
A: Yes! We do have a shop. Please click at our LOCATIONS to view the various places we operate as well as the map location for our shop.

Q: What are your opening hours for your shop?
A: Currently, our opening hours are yet to be confirmed. For now, please do give us a call at 016-693 3810 to schedule a visit as we move around alot for events/bazaars. Thank you!

Q. Do you sell used bags?
A. We sell only brand new bags.

Q: Do you accept a trade-in for my used bag?
A: I'm sorry but we do not accept any form of trade-in of any products that was being used for any exchanges.

Q. Can I buy in bulk?
A: Want to buy bags more than 25 bags for your closest friends? Corporate Sales to the rescue! Our Corporate Sale team are a wonderful bunch of guys that are always at your service! To discuss business, please email us at bagstrainfo@gmail.com.


Q: Which bag is right for me?
A: That’s a great question! Start by answering a few basic questions:
- What do I want to use my bag for?
- Am I going to be carrying a laptop?
- Do I want a backpack (two shoulder straps), or a messenger bag (one shoulder strap), etc…?
Still stumped? Go ahead and give us a call or email, we’ll find a perfect match for you.

Q. Will this bag fit my stuffs?
A. We have detailed product descriptions for each bag/product that is being sold here. Therefore, you will be able to take measurements of the things/laptop that you wish to fit into your desired bag. But whenever you really want to try out the bag itself, feel free to drop by our shop at the address and location shown here.

Q: I don’t see the bag I want!
A: Bummer! We keep our inventory as updated so if you see something you like, GRAB IT! Sometimes items go in and out of stock, but when something is really gone, it’s gone baby! This is almost always true for those really cool bags, so don’t delay! To be in the know on our new products and updates, please do constantly check out our website OR you can go to our facebook page and LIKE us. Don’t forget to share BAGSTRA with your friends so they can help update you with the latest too!

Q: Can we get a further discount for the bags?
A: Our prices are already adjusted to the lowest we can offer so that you can enjoy maximum savings on your purchases as compared to the usual RSP (retail selling price). Rest assured, it’s always sales at BAGSTRA.

Q: Can we order bags that aren’t available in your shop/website?
A: Yes, you can order/request for bags that aren’t in our range and we will try to source it out for you. All you need to do is fill in the form that is stated here so that it will be sent to our email shopping list. From there, we will email/call you to follow up on your request. However, there is no guarantee on getting the exact model/colour/size of the bag. Therefore, we highly recommend that you narrow the search to a selected few brands that we do bring in (eg: Crumpler Europe, The North Face, Jack Wolfskin, & etc.). Apart from that, we can always recommend another bag as close to your requirements as possible.

Q: It shows that some bags are SOLD OUT on your website. Will you be stocking it up again? When will we know that new stocks have arrived?
A: Don’t worry! Be happy! We will try to order/stock it up again as soon as we can. But in order to know when the item comes back in stock, all you need to do is to just fill the desired bag details in the reservation form and we will know how to follow up with you on that particular item. That way, you can definitely be notified when the new stock arrives.


Q. What do I do if the bag is defective on arrival?
A. We carefully inspect all bags prior to shipment to make sure they are in good conditions. Unfortunately sometimes we might miss out of tiny details. If it is deemed defective, you can send the bag back for us to replace with a new unit.

Q. Do your bags come with the manufacturer's warranty?
A. Since we order out the stocks directly from the factories/suppliers, we are unable to offer the official manufacturer's warranty for each of the products we sell. However, we do offer our own standard one year manufacturer's warranty. We have a saying that goes, “If you take care of your bag, your bag will take care of your stuffs!”

Q. Do you accept exchanges or returns?
A. Here at BAGSTRA, we strive to ensure customer satisfaction and if you truly aren’t satisfied with our bags/products, we accept returns and exchanges within 14 days. Returned goods must be in un-used condition with all the accessories that come with bag during purchase (eg: Shoulder pads, detachable straps, raincovers, buckles, etc…). We do hope that you comply with the policies that we have in regards to the Warranty Claim Policy. Please check here to view on the Warranty Claim Policy.


Q. What types of payments do you accept?
A. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal for local and worldwide customers.

Q. I think I was billed twice!
A. It’s possible but you’re most likely just seeing additional authorizations. Did you have to try placing your order more than once? If the charges on your card are listed as “pending,” they’ll fall off in couple of days. We know this whole thing can be super confusing so give us a call, and we’ll double check! +60 16 693 3810.

Q. I have already made a transaction order? But I saw something else I like! Can I change my mind/order?
A. We want to say yes but we have to say no. Unfortunately, once your order is placed, we cannot make any changes to it. But hey, it won’t hurt to get another awesome product from us!

Q. Will I get charged sales tax?
A. As of now, our top management has decided to be generous enough to absorb any form of taxes imposed on the bag within Malaysia. However, for orders shipping to an International address: International orders are subject to duties, customs, and value added taxes that aren’t reflected in our prices. You will be responsible for paying these charges upon receipt of your order. We are required by law to disclose full value of the package contents and cannot alter this value. Check with your local Customs office for those charges. Some countries may charge an additional handling fee for delivery within that country.


Q. Dude, Where’s my bag?
A. It’s either here, there, or on its way! Upon confirmation of order, we would be shipping your bag/product off to you within 2-3 business days. A tracking number will be sent to your email/sms.
Don’t know your tracking number? Give us a call/email and we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Q. When is my bag going to ship?
A. Orders shipped within Malaysia are shipped 1-2 business days after the order is placed, depending on what time the order was
placed. After that, please allow 2-4 business days to arrive for domestic orders and at least 7-14 business days to arrive for international orders. If there’s any delay in the shipment by the courier service for any form of reason, this time frame is beyond our control.

The exact timing of shipment all depends on how many orders are in line in front of yours. Oh and just to be super clear, “business” means Monday through Friday and excludes most Malaysian holidays.

Q. Can I have you ship to a location other than my billing address?
A. Upon filling in the forms during your payment process, you can indicate where you want your bag/product to be shipped. Just fill in the shipping address details and we will ship it to you!

Q. What is the cost of shipping and handling?
A. We have a formula to calculate based on the weight of the bag along with a little additional weight for the packaging. Shipping cost varies according to location within Malaysia as well as distance of country from Malaysia. The nearer you are to Malaysia, the cheaper the shipping cost it will be.


Q. My bag is lookin’ a little dingy, what I can do?
A. So your bag is no longer looking its best and you want to make it sparkling new again. We recommend spot cleaning for your bag.
•Take a damp towel or sponge with a mild detergent and wipe clean.
•For greasier, more stubborn dirt – try plain dish soap or a cleaner like simple green.
•Can you wash your bag in the washer?  We do NOT recommend it.
 Why not?
•The fabrics have waterproofing coatings on the inside that can be washed away in the washer.
•Some features of the bag might bleed or run.
•It will void the warranty.
NEVER put your bag in the dryer. Ever. You will cry, we will cry, everyone involved will cry…