November Instagram Contest November 21 2013, 3 Comments

Hey y'all! Bagstra will be at Urbanscapes giving away free Crumpler gifts! Come check this post out, share it with your buddies and see you there!
We want to give away some sweet but limited Crumpler merchandise for FREE!

Here's what you need to do:
- Follow us on Instagram! { @bagstra }
- Take a photo with our staff on the 24th Nov at Urbanscapes!
- Post it up on Instagram, tag @marsvenusco and @bagstra, and include hashtag #marsvenusco #bagstra #urbanscapes

** Hint: If you share your post on our Facebook page, your chances of winning may be higher! **

10 winners will be randomly selected and we will post up the winners in our facebook page on the 26th November onwards! So please do check on our page if your instagram picture is spotted by us and you can contact us directly to verify your win and collect your prize!