Tips for Packing/Travelling Lightly November 04 2014, 22 Comments

Knowing how to travel light will make your adventure easier and less stressful, so all you have to think about is making the most of your trip.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.
1. Save on space by taking compactable accessories (like a mini-umbrella or packable rain ponchos).
2. Use packing cells to save space and organise your packing.
3. Travel with confidence: research your airline for hand-luggage limitations and security restrictions before you go, and pack well within bounds so you can travel without stress and worry.
4. Take one pair of shoes that you can use for a range of activities and fill them with your smaller clothes/socks.
5. Use reusable travel bottles (like our Boarding Bag) or eliminate items which can be bought during your travels (shampoo, moisturiser, etc.).
6. Only take one bag: backpacks, wheeled trolley bags, or our Hybrid Trolley (a wheeled trolley bag that easily converts into a backpack) are easy to manage and come in a range of weights and volumes suitable for any adventure.
7. Or, take only a carry-on bag - choose between a back pack, trolley bag with wheels, or a hybrid between the two for the best of both worlds.